Friday, May 21, 2010


I am a semi-writer by trade. Don’t be jealous. Seriously don’t. My job is basically to write stuff you ignore on a daily basis. I create those store posters that say … BUY THIS!!! SAVE ON THAT!!! YOU COULD WIN!!! Real creative. NOT!!!  But hey, that doesn’t mean I’m impervious to the ol’ writers block. Get it all the time. If I am at work I usually do one of two things to get my noggin working again:
Take a walk
Take a piss
Both free up my mind. And as we all know, when you’re not thinking about something that’s exactly when the idea hits you. If I’m at home I add one more trick to the list – scarfing down raw batter or cookie dough. The pure sugar, raw eggs, and powdered chocolate are like jumper cables for my brain. Since I am always trying to lose weight I kinda use it as a last resort, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Here are my picks. Enjoy.

Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies: Nothing beats Betty C!!! This mix to me is pure perfection. It’s not overly sweet. Just the right creaminess. A nice chocolately taste. And I actually like that gritty texture. Feels like I’m getting something for my money.

Pillsbury® Cookie Dough: What really makes this a true stand out is the “dough to chip” ratio. When you finger the dough and get that nice big glob, you usually get like 4 -6 chips. That to me is the perfect amount. Anything more and you lose the taste of the dough.


Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Dark Chocolate Frosting: In a pinch frosting will do nicely. Pillsbury is good too. I just think Betty gets the nod when it comes to the creamy factor. SERVING TIP: Use a plastic spoon. Metallic silverware will kill the taste.

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  1. man! my mouth immediately salivated. I so love chocolate. Can't loose with that. Rosemary

  2. Hungry....and laughing my ass off at: "And I actually like that gritty texture. Feels like I’m getting something for my money."

    Thanks for the supportive comment on my blog. I really appreciate it (and it made me giggle, too.) If I already told you that, brain is everywhere today. Maybe I need to take a piss.

  3. great now i want brownies.

    so is that why they always say 'mix in glass bowl" or have some sort of anti-metal bowl or spoon rule, wow. i never knew that.

  4. Ok so I have anxieties and one of them is samonella. I NEVER eat raw dough of any kind. Never. I obsessively wash my hands when dealing with raw eggs or poultry ( no red meat here).
    I recently baked a strawberry cake with buttercream frosting and it kicked ass!

  5. This is such a girl thing, I love it.

    I too now want brownies!

  6. Mmmmmmmm....droooooool....gritty texture rocks!!

  7. I tasted one of the best brownies on this earth just last month. Now I'm in a different brownie bracket and couldn't go back down.

  8. Dang, I think I just became diabetic as I read this!

  9. That sounds real good...Maybe someone should make up a batch of "special" brownies. The more you eat the more you want...

  10. I haven't eaten since yesterday and now I'm starving. NEED CHOCOLATE FIX, ASAP!!!

  11. It didn't post my comment from earlier! That makes me sad.... Time to go get a can of frosting and a spoon!

  12. Very happy to know it really is not just women that eat raw cookie dough!!!

  13. Good tip! Take a piss and scarf down some raw cookies. I have to write that down for when I....uh....

    Can't figure out what to write.

  14. I KNOW I commented on this and it hasn't shown - stupid blogspot glitch.

    Basically I avowed my love and preference for cake mix rather than the finished product.


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