Sunday, May 9, 2010


So I’m still in Bel Air, Maryland for that marathon Bat Mitzvah fest. It was good, thanks for asking. 

Anyway, on the way back to the hotel my sister, brother in-law and yours truly make a pit stop at the 7-11. That’s the one thing I love about being away from NYC – convenience stores that are actually convenient. No Green Grocers with dusty 1970s, semi-useful cans. That being said, the florescent lighting in these c-stores I could do without.

So back to the moment at hand, my sister and I hop out of the car. I run in to get a Diet Pepsi®. She runs in for something that I didn’t know what it was at the time. After a minute, I get to the register and she’s already up there. I said I would pay for it all, seeing as I’m such a good brother. It came to $9.82 for cold medicine, a Diet Pepsi®, and yes, TAMPONS. I just bought my sister Tampons!!! Once I found out that’s what I paid for it happened. I tried to make it stop. Thought about baseball!! Thought about Shania Twain in pleather, but it was too late. The unstoppable visual seeped into my brain. And it stayed there for 3 seconds too long. 

My sister isn’t ugly, but she is my sister. And now the visual of sis inserting a “you know what” to stop her "you know what" is permanently stuck in the part of the brain where that stuff exists. I just pray this imagery won't be always triggered when I see this feminine hygiene product. Wonder if the Freuds have a clinical name for my disease. 

BTW…caught about no less than 7 Iron-man2 products on the shelves. My fave were the slurpies. 

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  1. Yeah, that's pretty bad. I just hope writing a post about it rids you of the imagery and doesn't make it stronger.

    On the plus side you were in the greatest convenience store chain on earth. Dratted TN doesn't have 7-11s.

  2. It's really not that bad, if you bought her the unscented vs. perfume scented ones. Plus, what level was the absorbency?

  3. Just wait until it happens with your MOTHER. You do know womens' anatomy is different, right?

  4. I have unfortunately suffered the indignity of being sent to the store for these items!

    But that doesn't mean your not a sick bastard...

  5. oh man I am glad my sisters were both older then me and alot richer then I when it came to that time of the month.

  6. lol.... We have that cup collection....

    My wife is embarrassed send me into the store to get her tampons....


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