Monday, May 10, 2010


I love chocolate covered cookie dough balls. You know the ones I’m talking ‘bout. You get ‘em in the Snowcap size cardboard containers at the movie theaters.  To me, each morsel is like a bite of heaven. That being said, if you stripped me naked, duct taped me to a chair, shaved all the hair off my body, and shoved these balls down my throat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – I’m pretty sure I’d get tired of ‘em (and scarred for life from the other stuff). You know...I had a really smart way of how I was going to all link all this to 24/7 webcam feeds, but totally lost my train of thought. Kinda bummed. Seemed pretty profound at 4:30am last night. If it comes to me I’ll let you know. Anyhow, here are some questionable 24/7 cam feeds in existence.

ETARD: 24 hours of a 30something guy doing stuff in a room. Not sure if his parents own said room or not. Free to join and chat with him….as long as you follow his RULES!!!!

MISSY HAYATT 24/7: Bills herself as the “First Lady of Wrestling”. For only 10 bucks a month you can watch Missy do ______ in the nude. 

BOX OF PUPPIES: Web cam pointed on a box of puppies. Free to join.

???: 電気代払えないトと放送中毒者の中継人生 (that’s the only description I got).

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  1. Exhibitionists. All of them. Bugger.

  2. Chocolate covered cookie dough rocks. I love that Chinese description looks like the majority of my comments that I need to delete.

  3. First Lady of wrestling? Isn't that an oxymoron?

  4. The only way I would watch this, is if my grandkids were on it.

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