Friday, May 14, 2010


I was shocked to discover that the boy in the above Friday Follow picture is none other than Ritchie Jeevers. He was 7 yrs. old when he posed for the picture painted by Sunday Post staff artist, Bobby Ozrah. The newspaper was running a piece on American Birthdays and Bobby chose his neighbors (the Jeevers) as his subject.

"He was a quiet enough kid, didn’t put up a fuss when posing,” Bobby had noted in a later interview. Little did he know he was painting one of America’s most vicious killers – Rich the Ditch! Before being arrested in 1968, Mr. Jeevers had murdered over 46 squirrels, 28 dogs, and 14 humans – including all 4 girls in the painting. 

Ritchie eventually received the death penalty in 1972. He was hung in the state of Texas on March 18th of that same year. “The day was dark and cloudy, but not one drop of rain came. It’s almost as if God himself was getting ready to personally escort ol’ Rich the Ditch to hell’s gate. Weird thing was not one peep came from that man,” recalled a guard. 

Here is an account of how Ritchie murdered each of the women pictured above.

VICTIM #1 MARGIE BROWN (white dress / bottom left): Ritchie had caught up with her in 1962. At the time Margie worked the register at Sullivan’s 5 & Dime. He had surprised her after work, and beat her to death with her own shoe. Police found half her remains in front of the store, and the rest in a ditch over in Potter’s Field.

VICTIM #2 SARAH DENNIS (pink dress / top left): Ritchie and Sarah had actually worked together at Roger’s Cannery for 2 years. Rumor has it the two might have been romantically linked. Which would explain why Sarah’s remains were found in the Cannery’s file office. The rest were discovered 3 months later in a ditch over by Cedar Grove. Ritchie had skipped town before he could be linked to the scene.

VICTIMS #3 & #4 EVELYN & LIZZIE PARKER (girls on the right): The two sisters actually became cocktail waitresses in Reno, Nevada. In one of Ritchie’s last interviews he admitted that his meeting up with them was completely a chance encounter. At this point he was running from the feds. He had stopped into the Pokerino palace/arcade for a drink. It was then Ritchie saw them. Witnesses say Mr. Jeevers cavorted with the sisters all night. Then at 3am their lifeless bodies were discovered in front of the Pokerino. Oddly enough 32 chips were found in each of the sisters’ anal cavities. Ritchie never gave an explanation. 

Find out one more amazing fact about Rich The Ditch that I reveal in the comment section below. My name is copyboy. 

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  1. Made all of this up. Happy Friday Follow.

  2. copy boy.. you so got me.. I love this kind of shit..

    but 32 chips.. where the hell did you come up with that..

  3. hahahhahahahaa you should write for Investigation Discovery! You reeled me in like a striped bass!

  4. So many bodies... Happy Friday Follow

  5. OMG, that was hilarious.
    I had a feeling it was bogus, though. But good job, that must have taken awhile to do

    Happy Friday Follow. Follow me if you can

  6. you're nuts, in a very good way though of course. so creative how you incorporate follow friday in such a NWM manner. and you wonder why your hits are through the roof. whatever, man. (that's my jealousy talking)...

  7. Too funny - and very clever!

    Stopping by from Friday Follow - and so glad I found you! Now following, and looking forward to getting to know you better.

  8. Ha ha - I started off thinking it sounded like an urban legend but you had me convinced by the end. Curse you!

  9. I am shocked you made this up! Are you sure? How do we know?

  10. Does anyone ever tell you... "YOU'RE CRAZY!" If not, please allow me to be the first.

  11. sounds like you've murdered a few people in your lifetime.... i was going to say "ditch" copyboy, but then people might actually stop following you.... copy"ditch"boy, you shall be called.... but then i don't want people to copy you.... oh well whatever, i guess i'll still call you CB.

  12. I was chanting "bullshit" to myself all the way through....(especially when I got to the part about Potter's field)....

    and as usual, you never fail to disappoint. :)

    Thanks for the amusement on a daily basis!

  13. God, you're evil! I was trying to figure out how he could beat someone to death with a shoe, and manage to split the body up with nothing else, to have it left in two places..

  14. YOU suck!!!!!! :-) Because I so friggin bought every word of that!!!!

    Eh, you know I'll still read your blog, though! Can't get enough of all this crazy stuff I never knew I wanted to know.....

  15. I wanted to believe than didn't believe then thought maybe and THEN the 32 chips gave it away as a spoof...very creative though!


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