Sunday, January 3, 2010


by Nameless Dad (NWM Staff Writer)

Just hosted a nice long family get together over the weekend – specifically my wife’s parents. Oh joy! Honestly I do love ‘em both. It’s just that at times my mother-in-law can get a smidge overbearingly intrusive. And NOT that I’m keeping score (‘cause my wife would kill me), she’s like wrong 92.8% of the time. Here are 3 examples of her wise anti-advice from the weekend.

M-LAW: Don’t let your kids run outside in the cold! They have wet hair!! You’ll see, they’ll all get sick!!

FALSE: Wet hair in the cold air does NOT cause colds. The virus germ is the main culprit here. It’s WAY more prevalent in the winter months. Not to mention that the body is more susceptible to catching viruses in cold, dry air.

M-LAW: Phil and I swear off spicy foods. It causes ulcers!

FALSE: Spicy foods may cause ulcers to flare up or become irritated. However, there has been no medical documentation that says spicy foods do in fact cause ulcers.

M-LAW: You know why your youngest wears glasses? You don’t feed her enough carrots.

½ FALSE: True carrots are chock full of Beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A and then uses to nourish the retina area. However, NO correlation has been established between the lack of carrots in your diet and needing glasses.

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