Tuesday, April 6, 2010


When I was a kid the most warped flavor that ever graced my Underdog™ dessert plate had to be Baskin Robbins bubble gum ice cream. For those of you that never had the pleasure of experiencing this creamy, culinary creation (with real bubble gum pieces) you’re missing out.

Since my childhood faded into semi-adulthood, my love affair with frozen treats have kinda (excuse the pun) left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean society considers 'em the ultimate fat drenched foods. And God forbid the skinny bitch media folks let me enjoy something sweet without the big "America is overweight news expose" guilt trip. You want proof? Just head down the supermarket ice cream aisle and check out how many fat free (with zero taste) versions of your beloved brands there are.

Away from the big food chains I'm starting to see another type gaining popularity – F'd up flavors (coined it myself). Ice cream so weird 'n outlandish, people will try a scoop as a challenge (and put aside the guilt). Multiply that by a 1000 peeps per month and mom and pop can still keep the lights at the ol' parlor. Below I have 5 cases in point. The above visual is Charcoal ice cream from Japan. Didn't find out much more than the name and the meh-ish taste.

Inventors: Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium (Maine)
The Taste: Butter flavored ice cream with pieces of real Maine lobster.
The Cost: $8.95 a pint

Inventors: Udder Delight Ice Cream House (Delaware)
The Taste: Has chunks of bacon, which gives it a butter pecan flavor.
The Cost: N/A

Inventors: Humphry Slocombe (SF, CA)
The Taste: Pâté ice cream sandwiched between 2 gingersnap cookies.
The Cost: $4 a sandwich

Inventors: Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (NYC)
The Taste: Fruity, with distinct odor is pretty much all I got from the description.
The Cost: $3.75 per scoop

Inventors: Max & Mina’s (Queens, NYC)
The Taste: Vanilla base with bits of Lox. Has a Jewishy taste. That helps, right?
The Cost: $2.95 per scoop

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  1. MMMM Lox ice cream... can I have it in a toasty bagel wrap?

  2. Dude you fucking kill me, every post is more stellar than the next

  3. Well the photos looked good...until I read the descriptions. (Umm...the charcoal ice cream photo being the exception - that was just plain hideous).

    I was at the grocery store yesterday. I reached for french vanilla and noticed it said 1/2 the fat. I promptly put it back. I want FULL FAT in my ice cream, thankyouverymuch!

  4. I've heard of bacon flavored ice cream! I'm such a kid, I still order the bubblegum ice cream or cotton candy flavor from Baskin!

    We have Maggie Moos here in NJ and they actually make a red velvet ice cream - it's delectable. This other shop Applegate Farms sells graham cracker flavored which is my other fave flavor. It's funny, I'm so picky about my weird flavors that I rarely consume ice cream. Froz yogurt is yummy too. White choc mouse from TCBY.

    PS Copy writing question... I'm going to be paying closer attention to your editing and writing now (to learn from not to critique!) ... I just noticed you end your titles with a period. Should I be doing this too? Hmmm, I need to research this. Maybe it's an online title thing? Help!


  5. Holy balls! Lox flavored ice cream? That is straight up nasty. It is funny that you posted this because the hubs and I were whining last night because we do not have a TCBY or good frozen yogurt place anywhere near us. I guess fro yo is somewhat healthier.

    I have to say though my favorite right now is the Thin Mint Ice Cream and Tagalong Ice cream from Edy's/Dreyer's. Nothing is better than girl scout cookie flavored ice cream. Screw the skinnies! Give me ice cream full of fat!

  6. I think I'll pass on all the flavors above. Gack!

  7. Eww! Lox?! Bacon?! Lobster?! What is wrong with people...

  8. The charcoal ice cream might be good medicinally speaking, as charcoal can cure many GI issues.

    I'd try the bacon ice cream. Ever watch Bizarre foods? I saw an episode where the guy made a bacon and eggs ice cream. looked good to me.

    I'd also like to try avocado ice cream. It's supposed to be really creamy.

  9. Is it wrong that this post made me want to run to the store for some ice cream (though I'd probably get something boring, like coffee).

    Sidebar: fat free ice cream is an atrocity. It's right up there with low-sodium salt (I'm not kidding, there really is such a thing).

  10. Neither lobster or lox should be wasted in ice-cream. I have had garlic ice-cream. It tastes like garlic ice-cream.

  11. Combine that "bacon" flavored ice cream with some, "fried egg flavored" mayo, and slap them on some "english muffin" flavored peanut brittle, and it's breakfast time!!!

  12. Beer ICe Cream seems like a great idea. I want to try all these flovors just to see what they taste like. I have an eccentric palate and will try anything.

  13. I want to try all of those flavors!!!! Just to say that I've tried them....

  14. The strangest flavours I've ever tasted was in Japan. I tried both lavender and sweet potato flavour. Neither of them as odd as the mixes presented here - bravo!


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