Sunday, April 11, 2010


Meet The Ponceman (aka Josh Perry). One half of the 2 brother troupe known as ABNORMAL COMEDY. The other guilty looking one (pictured below) is Scott Allen Perry.

I could try to sum up their mantra, but I think they say it best …2 brothers, one is retarded, the other has Down's Syndrome (cheap joke, but makes us laugh all the time).

Like others trying to make it in the cut-throat comedy biz, Josh and Scott have amassed a sh*load of comedic gems (3 years worth) to showcase their talent. And what is that talent? Simple. They have NO boundaries. Jews, retarded policeman (their words), Paris Hilton and jizz are just a few of the taboo topics you’ll find on their youtube channel as well as FUELTV. Josh has a reoccurring role as DJ Ponce on the sketch show – Stipidface.

And yes, when I first saw Ponceman I’ll admit the “feel sorry for him ‘cause he’s disabled” thought crept right in my head and took a big evil dump. Of course after the first video sampling I’m glad to say I kicked that sorry stereotype to the curb. P-man is really funny. In fact, I’ll go as so far to say he possesses pretty much everything I look for in a new millennium comedian:

  • Good timing
  • A master of props
  • Not afraid to get naked to further a joke

I’d love to say I’m the first to discover these moronic masters (with zero tolerance for anything PC), but I’m just one of thousands of fans. PRAISE ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR!!! Ok, I’ll stop yappin’ so you can start watchin’, lovin’, and pants pissin’.

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  1. that was funny...and authentic humor if that makes ANY sense....

  2. I liked Life Goes On's Corky the best. Nobody can replace him.

  3. Like Ally, I thought of Corky. (He looks like him). These guys are beyond f*n funny and hilariously talented. They so deserve to make it big, unlike all the talentless losers who have made it big. I hope they do. They well represent the JewCrew.

  4. Haha, that is some seriously funny stuff. I got to go watch some more.

  5. Where do you FIND this stuff? LOL!

  6. I remember that dude from The Ringer, he was funny in that movie.

  7. I love the Ponceman! I was going to post about a series he did called the Retarded Policeman, but changed my mind because I thought it would have made people really mad.... But the guy is hilarious and kudos to him!

    Seriously Jesse, look it up.... Retarded Policeman on YouTube....

    Note #2.... Corky from Life Goes On is the lead singer of 'The Chris Burke Band', accompanied by twin guitarist/backup singers....


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