Thursday, April 22, 2010


Not as easy as it sounds. So before you satisfy that sudden urge to enter a bodybuilding competition or to box topless in a bar check out these 4 tips.

1- Experiment with the oils first (see which one looks the best under the hot lights).

2- Some of the more popular oils bodybuilders use are Pam, vegetable oil, olive oil, baby oil, or Muscle Juice posing oil ($6@Amazon).

3- Apply a nice healthy coat of oil for a natural shine (too much will make you seem wet).

4- Use a spray bottle to apply evenly.

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  1. Yes because an oily shiny body is very 'natural' wouldn't want to ruin that image!

  2. I once watched a documentary about bodybuilders. One of them allowed the film crew into his bathroom where the audience were given the pleasure of seeing his father shave his body and apply sunless tanner to it. I bet it gets even more awkward when the oil comes in. They were probably right to edit it out.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You know what??

    I my tits looked that that bitches, I'd oil myself all up too!


  5. In reply to crazy's comment - mine do and I oil them up every time I leave the house.

  6. What I wanna know is do these oilers not end up with zits?!

  7. Right, because there is nothing more natural than cooking oil on your body.


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