Sunday, April 4, 2010


Apparently 2005 was a banner year for doggie sex. On the market there was finally an alternative to the dreaded snip, snip, cut, buzz for male dogs. Instead of neutering, owners could purchase ta da da daaaaa doggie condoms. Rubbers designed for Rover. Believe it or not, the idea that some marketer dreamed up this product doesn’t really creep me out. That being said, the website (where they used to sell their invention) definitely gives me the skeevies. Specifically in the FAQ section where you will learn about (no joke)…

  • How to put on your dog’s condom.
  • Sizes and scents of dog condoms available.
  • What to do if there is loss of sensation (for the dog I assume).
  • And more!

Oh, I said, “used to sell,” because apparently in 2006 they issued a voluntary recall of all the doggie condoms. The reasons they gave were ineffectiveness and possible choking hazzard (read on here).

Learn how to properly apply a doggie condom.

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  1. Wow!!!
    what next doggie lingerie?

  2. WTF?? indeed.

    imagine Fefe and Fido;
    FeFe: Not without a condom!
    Fido: I can't feel a thing wearing a condom,but don't worry baby, i'll pull out...

  3. oh my.....I really don't even know what to say..Possibly these people could spay or neuter?? I wonder what the "birds-n-bees" talk sounds like for a dog? And where is a dog gonna keep one? Is there a doggie fannie patch or possibly a collar with a discreet "condom pocket". And do the bitches get special doggie vibrators for when things are slow????....Lookee there,, I guess I did have something to say,,,sigh

    oh my....

  4. So what I need to say, in utter frustration, is: it's hard enough to get a bastard - I mean a guy - to put a condom on, yet a bitch will do it?! What is wrong with this world? I'm just saying.

  5. I like that various sizes and scents are available.

  6. Meat scented AND lubricated...WOW, I need some of these for the next bachelor party. I assume they make great gifts?

  7. And I thought the whole "neuticles" thing was whacked.

  8. Wow, I just don't know what to say or where to start. LOL.

  9. Man, if this was posted on April 1 I'd say you were totally lying in composing this post.

  10. Where do you find this stuff?


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