Sunday, March 21, 2010


I blink my eyes and Passover once again is about to creep up on me and throw that proverbial plastic bag over my face. Then the holiday will hold the bag tight ‘til my struggling body goes limp.

Actually, I’m making more of it than it is. To all you non-Jews out there that have never been to a Passover Seder – think Thanksgiving combined with rules and reading out loud. And of course zero bread or anything with yeast (stuffing, beer, etc.) Basically because some Jewish, Moses roadie didn’t know how to budget time very well, we’re stuck chompin’ on Matzo for 7 %$#% days. Ugh.

Here’s the first of 30 reasons of why I feel Matzo sucks.

#1: Matzo immediately shatters into crumbs when you spread anything on it, especially butter.

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  1. I am gonna enjoy this series of posts!
    I happen to love matzo... I use matzo meal instead iof bread crumbs when I oven bake chicken! I also love matzo brei!!!!!omg
    Afikomen time, baby

  2. It was one of the things I could eat, when on a iodine free's not exactly moist, is it?

  3. Does one usually lose weight during this time? I can do without beer (yuck) but bread! Hot, fresh bread... I'm too weak.

  4. haha, this gearing up to be a good series.

  5. The only thing I didn't dig at my college boyfriend's Seder dinners was the chicken liver pate. Yuck! I've always liked matzo, matzo ball soup is my fave, the hard boiled egg, roasted chicken - and leaving the door open for Elijah. Man, I wanna be Jewish!

  6. It does stink that, in order to make matza have any flavor, you need to make a big crumbly mess. Charoset works pretty well, though.

  7. Oh, I am looking forward to this list.

  8. step 1. roll matzo in a ball and pop in your mouth
    step 2. squirt chocolate syrup in there too
    step 3. spray some whipped cream
    step 4. enjoy

    I'm looking forward to the rest of the list.

  9. Well I am going to get some insight with this series. Oh and of course some entertainment.


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