Saturday, March 6, 2010


Let me just say I WAS an avid Oscar watcher during the Crystal days. Now I’m lucky if I’m still up by the time Hugh Jackman breaks out in song to announce the Best Sound Editing Award. Truth is I only get excited by one teeny-tiny part of the entire 9-hour monstrosity. The segment when they bring out the absolute hottest, sexiest, male genital-arousing actress to announce the award for scientific and technical achievements in movie making.

PSYCH! Actually, the award presentation is usually 2 weeks before the Oscars. So we are just treated to a 2 minute highlight clip narrated by said smoking actress (who hosted the awards). Usually the starlet uses most of her acting talents to convince the Hollywood crowd that she had a fun time at the ceremony. Then the ABC folks break for another Diet Coke or JC Penny spot.

I’m just wondering WHY? Are these genius, tech nerds so grotesque they can’t put on a tux, walk the red carpet and have some camera time on Oscar night? Is the buxom beauty simply just a sequined sacrifice by the studios to appease these geek Gods?

This year the hottie host was Elizabeth Banks (Scrubs, and Law & Order: SVU). The ceremony was a full dinner (buffet style) gala affair at the posh Beverly Wilshire Hotel. 45 winners were announced. 15 of those plaques (not statues) were given to scientists from Germany, Sweden, Austria, England, New Zealand, Hungary, Denmark, Japan and the United States for improving color film this year. Something dealing with the lighting of live actors in CG enhanced scenes. Other winners included were (3D film scanner system inventor) Tony Sedivy, and Richard Kirk who won for something equally as smart.

And now (since you read a recap of the tech awards presentation) here are 100 sexy Elizabeth Banks pics.

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  1. Copyboy, thanks for the pics :) Next time, can you post some of that guy from Crank?

  2. It's amazing, it seems like every time I watch any movie, Elizabeth Banks happens to be on my screen.

    Every movie.... I constantly say to myself, Elizabeth Banks was in this too? What wasn't she in?

  3. That's not Banks in the top picture is it? I can't stop drooling...who is that?

  4. Well at least they tech boys get to see her in real person. It could be just a lame video of her presenting them with the honors. That would suck.

    I wouldn't mind having Elizabeth Banks in every movie I watch.


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