Monday, March 22, 2010


Sure If you wanna go the “rescue an animal from malnourishment or death” route you could hit up the ASPCA for a puppy or a kitten. Of course those aren’t the only two of God’s creatures in desperate need of a loving home. Check out these cuties I found for sale on CRAIGSLIST.

Female California King Snake (Brighton, MA)

I have a beautiful female California King Snake (approx 7 years old). I would like her to go to a loving home who enjoys handling snakes and can give her the attention she deserves. I have owned her for a little over a year now and have never had issues handling her. Asking $100 for adoption fee.

Peruvian Pink Toe Tarantula (Kansas City)

Adult Peruvian Pink Toe Tarantula to a good home for a small re-homing fee of $40. Adults go for $100 + and 1/4 spider-lings go for $40 so this is really a re-homing fee and not a for sale ad. Email me with a phone number if interested.

Black Emperor Scorpion (Lansing)

5 year old male and female Black Emperor Scorpion, they come with heating rock, water dish, nice cage with front door and screen top. re-homing fee $45.

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  1. Why not kill two birds with one stone? I could adopt a snake and then swing by the Humane Society and adopt it some dinner.

  2. Faces only a mother, or someone other than me, could love.

  3. My dad had a tarantula when I was a kid. Even then I knew it was a lame pet.

  4. Ummmm...I usually let my pets sleep in my bed--maybe not these though!

  5. I love that there's a pink-toe tarantula!

  6. oh my goodness!!! I am so scared of snakes I about jumped out of my skin when I scrolled down.... now I'm going to go to bed and have nightmares of that thing crawling under the covers!!! ; )

  7. I wonder if I could get a little harness and leash for the scorpion...

  8. Wow, just looking at those pictures gave me a chill. I can't stand spiders or snakes.

  9. did you know that a scorpion isn't immune to it's own poison. They can sting themselves to death. they better watch wear they sit.

  10. I have only one question - "WHY????" (Eeeeeek!)

  11. i'm sitting on my living room floor in some sweatpants.... my buttcrack's probably hanging out like a plumber, but who cares, i'm home alone.... but i NOW care, because of these HORRID pictures!!! i felt like a tarantula was going to crawl into my crack!!!

    i am terribly sorry for that horrible image, but this is a true scene from my living room. this post actually made me stand up and pull my pants up Urkel-style....

    that probably totally just gave a moose knuckle image... no, not like that.... just not sitting plumber style anymore....

    sorry, i should have just kept my mouth shut....


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