Thursday, March 4, 2010


Technically, the questions are answered by a former nudist. Well not really even that. The friend in question experimented with “hedonism” for a 4day weekend a year back. He then returned to the clothing way of life that Monday. This is the 12.5-minute excerpt from lunch later that week.

Are all nudists the same?
Actually it's called Naturism. And nope, there are two types:

  1. Family Nudists: Pretty much naked once you set foot in the house until you leave.
  2. Social Nudism: Public nakedness at nude-friendly resorts, cruises and beaches.

What about when it comes to sitting on stuff, aren’t you afraid of germs or if the person before you didn’t wipe something very well before they flushed?
The resort I was at required that you cover their chairs or benches with your own towel first.

Is nudism (naturism) a sexual thing?
For me on that weekend, sure, totally. But honestly, the code a serious nudist abides by is to simply live life in its pure form. Be naked and free in the eyes of the creator, like he (or she) originally intended.

So how do they deal with hard nipples and erections?
From what I saw, it didn’t happen much to the full on, career nudists. Though if an extra rush of blood heads south or a breeze affects someone a bit more, they’ll just go in the pool or flip over on the towel (‘til the situation is under control).

Is there an organized nude group?
American Association For Nude Recreation. The group helps you with traveling arrangements and stuff. I used 'em for my trip. FYI…on July 11, 2008 they also organized the world’s largest cross-country skinny-dip – 13,648 peeps.

What’s the most popular place to go?
My vote would be for Hedonism 2 (in Negril, Jamaica). Seriously, sorta, maybe considering going again.

FYI...the rest of the conversation was about him trying to get Jets season tickets, and me asking for the rest of his fries.

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  1. That sure is a teeny tiny square blocking out his junk... maybe nudism isn't for everyone

  2. Interesting. Thanks for the info!

  3. OK, this is just too funny and I'm sorry but check out the look on the orange-shirt guy's face. Classic! Nudists have always freaked me out. I've seen documentaries about them on cable and like those swinger couples they all have something in common, they're never good looking. So weird.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  4. I walked to the entrance of Hedonism2 in Negril, when I vacationed in Negril years ago. I was being purely voyeuristic, but didn't see anything/anyone worth seeing. Ally's right, nudists tend to be folks who should never be allowed naked, not even for the shower.
    I mean, so I've heard or can only imagine based on the above photo.

  5. Questions for the interviewer:

    1. Were either of you nude while conducting the interview?

    2. Are you planning on adventuring into the world of nudity?


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