Sunday, March 28, 2010


As opposed to the glamorous ones the health shows talk about – having sex, bike riding, taking the stairs at work, etc. Sure this stuff will bore the brains right of your skull, but they’ll still do the body a bit of good.

Wearing pajamas: Shedding your work clothes and slapping on those PJs definitely takes some sort of “calorie burning” effort.

Drinking 2 glasses of cold water: Apparently you can burn 100 calories this way. Your body likes to expend energy warming up all the stuff you digest (not unlike my Aunt Gert).

Spin around in the office chair 50 plus times: No further explanation needed.

Attaching a child seat to your car: Didn’t realize those things weigh up to 40 lbs.

Cleaning a window: Wax on wax off. Wax on wax off Daniel-san.

Do your taxes: Don’t let your accountant do the heavy lifting. You volunteer to staple and stuff your money (with form B) into envelopes.

Fighting with wife/girlfriend: Gesturing arms, flexing the diaphragm – It’s hard work being wrong all the time.

Using Ketchup packets: Don’t cheat by using your teeth.

Bashing bugs: Ditch the spray and start swinging that Sunday section.

Use the copier: Walking to the machine, lifting the lid, dealing with a jam – the ultimate in cardio.

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  1. Doing all these at the same time can be challenging, but I am trying!

  2. These sound like very effective calorie burners!

  3. Being on the endless quest to diet and burn cals, I've actualy heard that cold water one. I will continue to do it - I need to burn that extra 100 per day!!

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  4. Attaching car seats should be wayyyy more! Our Brittax took forever to figure out and the thing is heavy as hell!

  5. LOL did you write these or find them somewhere else? Hilarious!

  6. How many does leaving comments burn?

  7. I'm piggybacking off ms. anthropy, in the hopes that this has got to be burning at least five calories. All these keystrokes, I mean. I could keep typing and burn even more, eh???

  8. So, if I drink 10 glasses of cold water a day, I can eat anything I want!


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