Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Growing up in a reformed Jewish household can be summed up with one phrase (of my own creation) – Convenient Kosher-ism. Meaning, we had all the good intentions of celebrating the Jewish holidays, it’s just that my family’s social calendar got in the way a bit. Though in our defense, Jew-days change from year to year. Oddly the one part of GOD’S WILL not set in stone. It’s all based on some ancient lunar/harvest calendar that truly means nothing to Lon Giland suburbia life. I’d say the only thing my parents made sure was a strong part of my Jewish heritage was the love for classic JEWSPLOITATION films. And no, not all of ‘em were comedies. And only 82% are Woody Allen or Mel Brooks joints. Enjoy. Mazel Tov!

The Ten Commandments – 3 hours of Yul and Chuck in loincloths.

Jazz Singer ­– Neil Diamond in his acting debut and finale.

Frisco Kid – Rabbi Gene Wilder teams up with cowboy Harrison Ford.

The Chosen – Quick, name another Robby Benson film.

Yentle – Babs as a boy.

History of The World – JEWWWWS IN SPAAAACCCCEEE!!!!

Bananas – Woody Allen with a fake beard.

Broadway Danny Rose – Woody Allen in B&W.

Annie Hall – Woody Allen with a Shiksa.

Fiddler on The Roof – Michael Glazer (Starsky) does a decent job as Perchik.

Blazing Saddles – Not sure the Jews can totally claim this one.

The Producers – The original with Zero Mostel.

The In-Laws – Peter Falk as a fed. Alan Arkin as a dentist.

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  1. LMFAO @ "Jewsploitation" : Eat your heart out Jackie Brown – Rabbi Jewfro's back in town. Loves it. x.

  2. Ha Ha Ha! Woody Allen, Woody Allen, Woody Allen....

  3. Convenient Kosher-ishm...I like that.

  4. I love Frisco Kid. Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorite movies. I never really thought of it as Jewspoitation before. Topol is still the man.

  5. I haven't been able to watch Fiddler since our high school play. Leading Lady kept losing her lunch on stage.

  6. got some winners and some losers there. Blazing saddles... I don't remember laughing harder at a movie than that one.

  7. Great, fun post. I could never sit through the 10 commandments in its entirety, despite the loin cloth factor.

  8. I am a gigantic Woody Allen fan... I had the biggest crush on him in college. I knew I would never have a chance with him since I was Jewish and he prefers shiksas.
    My mom took me to see Yentle... oyvey
    Dammit I love me some "Jazz Singer" that is a great movie plus Lucille Ball's daughter is in it! Oh and the soundtrack is amazing!
    Love me some Mel Brooks films!
    Killer list, man!


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