Thursday, March 25, 2010


BOOYAH! We’re down to a week before the big joke day. As I said before, this year I swore not to wait ‘til the last minute. So 24/7 I've been meticulously putting together some cool, full proof, prank plans that are above all – good-natured-ish. A couple of days ago I let you in on prank #1. Here’s #2…


What you need:

  • $58 in dollar bills
  • Dark red paint or tube of fake blood
  • Old paper bag
  • Two friends
  • Your apartment or house
  • Spending money for a night of drinking
  • Access to a park

Step 1. Add specks of blood red paint to select dollar bills.

Step 2. Place all money in crumpled, brown paper bag.

Step 3. Position crumbled bag in secluded area of the park. Have your buddies staked out in the bushes to make sure no one takes the money.

Step 4. Take your friend out for happy hour and get him nice and drunk.

Step 5. Walk home through the park so you pass by the bag. Try to let your friend find it first. Since it will be dark out, hopefully he won’t see the blood on some of the dollar bills.

Step 6. Once back at your place, let your friend go through the bag and discover the bloody money. At that moment say you are going to call for a pizza to be delivered.

Step 7. After 10 minutes have your buddies bang on the door and scream, “WE WANT OUR MONEY!” Tell your friend you must’ve accidentally buzzed them in ‘cause you thought it was the pizza guy. Let your friend freak out for at least 4 minutes.

Step 8. Have your friends suddenly be quiet. Then as you check the hallway have them burst in the room and yell, “APRIL FOOLS!” Your pranked buddy will probably be in shock for like a minute or two. After his breathing returns to normal he should be healthy enough to laugh about it with you guys.

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  1. LOL the stick figure posts are the best!

  2. Oh man, that's awful. Much more clever than the old Whoopee cushion though or flaming bag of poo.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  3. That is just so warped, it's hilarious. Oh darn, I only have $57 in dollar bills. I'll have to save up for next year.

  4. OMG!!!!! I'm peein' my pants!!!!

  5. I loved the illustrations! You are too funny. I think I might stick with wrapping a rubber band around the sink nozzle though..

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  8. The prank is funny as hell, but your stick figures are pure friggin' art!!!!
    Love them!

  9. Wow that is elaborate prank. Good job on the planning of that. Those pictures really bring the prank to life!

  10. It's funny. Not as cruel as the previous entry, but very funny.

  11. That joke was funny but the drawings sent it to a whole other tier! I just might try this and have the perfect person dumb enough to fall for it. I'll blame you if there are any legal ramifications. Thanks!


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