Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My main problem with those little colored stress balls is they don’t represent anything to me. If I’m seething with rage, I need a foamy thingy to squeeze that’s at least relatable to the situation. A little blue globule just ain’t going to satisfy my craving to take a bat to something. On the other hand, these toys might be just what I need to give my coworkers a 3 minute running head start. No promises.

 BEAT IT UP COMPUTER STRESS TOY ($6.98 @ Prankplace.com)
Perfect use: Computer crashes on page 109 of your 110 page report.

BERNIE MADOFF HEAD STRESS TOY ($14.95 @ Kleargear.com)
Perfect use: Sizeable dip in your 401K.

GOLF BAG STRESS TOY ($1.99 @ Kleargear.com)
Perfect use: 18th slice in front of a perspective client.

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  1. I must own the copy machine stress toy and beat the s*** out of it when I'm mad. Too bad it's not life-sized!

    I'd get the golf clubs to throw around but that's what my real clubs are for anyway.

  2. I like the PC with the blue screen of death. That would be a great one to mash on at work.

  3. I want one of those. Wait, my husband's an IT guy, can't I just beat him up when shit breaks?

    Man I wish I knew about that copy machine when I wrote that angry blog about the copy machine war.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  4. I was totally thinking of Ally's story (and my own) when I first saw that. lol

  5. Did you see the guy that pushed Bernie Madoff while he was walking to the court? He must have thought, why get the squeeze toy when you can push the real thing....

    I could easily smash the computer with the blue screen of death....

  6. I’m fan of the computer and copier stress toys. I would love the squeeze the you know what out of these when I get frustrated and this would satisfy my need to unload stress much better than a silly little ball ever could.

  7. I want all of them and a rubber mallet. I could spend a day just squashing them.

  8. These are freaking classic.

  9. Copier for me... the odds that a copier is not going to work for you, is totally based on how badly you need the copies!

  10. For me, I would like one the shape of the Microsoft logo :D Maybe Adobe....depends on the day :D

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing!



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