Thursday, March 18, 2010

THE GENIUS BEHIND POLICE ACADEMY. (1st of a 5 pt series)

Say what you will about the PA film franchise. True the humor is sort of an acquired taste. And yes, it might’ve lacked in thespian-level talent, but you certainly can’t knock the film score. Especially since the music was masterfully composed by accomplished maestro, ROBERT FOLK. This Julliard alumni has conducted music scores for over 50 plus film classics including: Tremors, NeverEnding Story II, American Pie: Band Camp, and Van Wilder 2.


Just watching Folk conduct The London Symphony and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra you can see how he has a command of all the instrumental sections. A skill Robert utilized when composing the Police Academy overture. His signature, symphonic mark on the score being the subtle, yet playful wind instruments followed by booming brass crescendos. Take a listen.

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  1. Geez, that sounded like the Russian national anthem...

  2. Haha, Van Wilder 2... American Pie: Band Camp...

    Over 50 films and these are the ones you highlight?

    So is he doing the music for the new film?

  3. OK where have I been? There's a Never Ending Story II? Loved the first one!

  4. Tremors! I loved that movie. I watched all of them. I annoy the crap out of my wife when it's on TV I have to watch it.

  5. Atreyu!!!!!! Thanks for bringing back many many memories!


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