Thursday, March 4, 2010


The only 2 whisperers I know of are the dude Rob Redford played in that horse movie, and the dog guy (Cesar Millan) from the National Geographic Channel. Both seem like they’d be pretty booked for the next year or so. That being said, I’ve found all types of “Joe Plumber” whisperers on google. Whispering away to all of God’s creatures like fish, cats, ducks, pygmy marmosets and especially trees. The best one in the plant category bunch was …

EXPERIENCE: Dr. Conroy has a B.S. degree in horticulture and a PhD in Plant Pathology.


  • Makes house-calls.
  • Performs initial health evaluation of all of your trees and plant-life
  • In certain cases Jim can heal trees on the spot (within 1 to 2hrs)
  • Uses only holistic, chemical-free treatments
  • Available anytime (24/7)
  • Offers 100% money-back guarantee
  • Works the entire Northeast region (plus CA & CO)

RESULTS: 1 to 2 treatments from the PLANT WHISPERER may result in healthier, stress-free trees within 8 to 12 weeks. Click here to let the healing process take root.

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  1. Hi Copyboy, thanks for stopping by my bloggy! Following you back. -Pipi

  2. hahahaha!!! this reminds me of that South Park ep when the dog whisperer was training Cartman. Tsssst!

  3. Tree Whisperer? Really? I am in the wrong business!!

  4. My cousin spent 8 months in a tree in Santa Cruz with the 'tree fairies' to save the old majestic trees. I'm going to tell him that they can plant new trees and call the 'tree whisperer' to get even stronger and healthier trees....

    I could have saved him 8 months of being shot at, eating every other day and living in a tree....


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