Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Wife sacked out at 10:02pm last night. Which of course means I have the green light to cheat a bit on the diet. 2 - 24 Andes Candies usually do the trick. Then I slapped my headphones on and readied myself for a freshly DVR’d episode of LOST. Oops, forgot to mention I live in a tiny, tiny studio-ish one bedroom in NYC. Hence the headphones. Sound travels pretty easily in 2 inches of space.

Now on to the SEMI-SPOILER ALERT portion on the post. In this episode, Locke has just ordered Sawyer to check out some island. Blah, blah, blah, he finds a bunch of dead people and a scared, dirty woman. After about 5 minutes of talking, Sawyer figures out this dirty lady was up to no good. But it was too late. She whistles and about 20 guys with guns reveal themselves, including my man Frederick Koehler. He even gets to say a line.

“DROP YOUR WEAPON! I SAID DROP YOUR WEAPON!” he shouted, or something to that effect.

What amazed me was I was just talking about Freddie last week. How he’s still making a go at acting, even if it’s only on the commercial scene. I’m glad he proved me wrong. Hopefully we’ll be treated to more of this underrated talent on next week’s episode. Tune in.

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  1. 2-24 Andes. I love those things they are so damn addicting though!

  2. Hmmmm.... I would have never noticed him.... Great catch!


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