Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ok, personally I have no clue what you (the reader) prefers for a poison. I’m just offering a tip or two of how you (the guys) can create a cool ice breaker with a fetching miss at the bar, just by guessing her drink order. And by drink order I don’t mean beer or Zima®. I’m talking a drink of a mixed nature. Keep the following checklist in mind and you should be able to refill her drink with just a 2% chance of uncertainty.

Swizzle sticks: Palm tree plastic or anything multicolored and it’s probably a foofy drink of some type – rum punch, daiquiri, maybe a margarita. If it's in the straw camp you're looking at more of a subdued liquid refreshment.

Color of leftover liquid in glass with ice:

  • Deep pink or brown = rum
  • Clear = vodka, scotch, gin, etc.
  • Orange = vodka
  • Creamy brown = Kahlua or possibly vodka from a brown/white russian.

Color of leftover liquid in glass with NO ice:
Serious drinking going on. Approach with caution.

Lemon or lime wedge: Kind of a toss up category. Though if I had to make a guess I’d say the lime is usually reserved for the clear drinks. While the lemon wedge is found in more of a cola or fruity type drink. Any other fruit automatically takes you again to foofy cocktail country. Olives? duh.

Napkin or coaster drink is served on: If it’s soaked you’re probably safe assuming it’s a frozen or fruity something. If the napkin is just moist it’s probably one of the 1 to 2 ingredient concoctions. Dry? Again it's the no-ice "approach with caution" scenario.

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  1. OMG I can just "feel" the slap coming!!!!

  2. Loved this!!! I am beer gal myself, well stout to be precise. I love a good pint of lager! I am Guiness through and through but some smaller brewers make me happy as well.
    hair of the dog that bit ya!

  3. You crack me up!!! So what do yo think of us girls that usually drink beer, but have the occasional margarita or shot?!?

  4. haha, and if it's a dark brown in a shot glass...caution...that girl has been drinking jagerbombs!

  5. LOL, well shit, most girls I know skip the foofoo drinks and get beers. So you need to do one for beers. =)


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