Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Docs define good ol’ fashion regular diarrhea as 3-6 liquid bowel movements in one day. Explosive diarrhea is anywhere in the 7–12 range. Anything more than that would probably merit a trip to the emergency room. As far as causes go, all bodies react differently. However here are 3 surprise food factors that are more often than not, the silent killers of a truly regular day.

HOT RED PEPPER Explosive Diarrhea ingredient: Capsaicin

RED MEATExplosive Diarrhea ingredient: B12

ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS – Explosive Diarrhea ingredient: Sorbitol

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  1. I had some "diet candy" containing maltitol once. (Many years ago before I understood healthy eating) and I had the noisiest, nastiest situation in my life's history. To make matters worse it all began at Friday night Shabbat services. I think the Cantor had problems singing over the loud booms emitting from my nethers... very embarassing, abd painful.

  2. You forgot that junk they put in low-fat chips! They're not as popular today, but Orlistat that will have you on the bowl begging for mercy. I heard that anyway. My advice is if you really want chips, go for the baked option!

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  3. What possesses you to come up with these things? lol

  4. Ahhhh - OK, I know you already know about that ingredient - but how did you find out about the beef one. I thought it was the fat that always made me sick and now without a gall bladder I can't eat any beef unless I make it myself and it's 93% lean.

    PS I swear, they still make those chips! Look:

  5. True, but it is that a surprise ingredient? I know I saw that side effect coming a mile away.

  6. The color of that boy's drek looks alot like my kitchen wall paint...

  7. yuck!!! Thankfully I'm a vegetarian and I try to stay away from artificial sweeteners!

  8. Just today I found your link.(I tried to locate your site hitting on your profile pic in my Followers 'section but no link was displayed.
    So, today, I'm now able to follow you back!
    I love your blog as well.
    Have a great day!

  9. Wow, all things I can't stay away from. I guess I will have to look forward to diarrhea occasionally.

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  10. Damn, I just had a beef-hot red pepper-splenda shake. I should I read your post earlier, Oh the

    I love your random posts. Where did u find that poster of the diarrhea boy?

  11. explosive diarrhea,sounds lovely,i guess i will stay away from too much splenda!


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