Monday, March 1, 2010


For a 6 yr. old child growing up in the 70s, there was nothin’ better than challenging mom to a riveting game of Chutes & Ladders on a rainy day.

C’mon, what could be more fun than that? Laugh-O-lympics colorforms? Light Brite? Please. Board games ruled!!! There was something about that simple innocence combined with space-age, hard plastic game pieces and the luck of the spin that will always make me look back and smile.

Flash-forward, I guess 9 yrs. later. Another rainy day spent this time with high school friends. In this case the board game was replaced by a case of Milwaukee’s Beast, a deck of cards, dice, 2 quarters and a shot glass. Ok, I’m not about to say anything was innocent about that moment. Especially since the house we were occupying didn’t have adult supervision readily available. Though I feel like the time spent playing drinking games too had its own simplicity. Not a care in the world (except the PSATs). Just 6 buddies drinking our faces off ‘til one of us puked or at least dry heaved. Ahhh adolescence.

Now by no stretch of the imagination am I saying the following games will help you recapture "childhood fun" and "teen drinking in excess" all at once. I’m just thinking that maybe after the umpteenth, blurry-eyed roll of the dice it might evoke a teeny-tiny, smidge of yesteryear (along with that bloated feeling and the spins of course.)

Game #1: PASS-OUT – Players roll dice and land on spaces that correspond to different challenging tongue-twister cards. Recite it right, you get the card. Collect 10 cards and you win the game. $71.60 @ Amazon.

Game #2: SIP ‘n GO NAKED – Essentially you roll the dice and move your piece along the board. Based on where you land you either hand out sips of beer or tell people to remove an article of clothing. The person that’s still clothed and somewhat sober wins. I guess. $9.99 @ Amazon.

Game #3: KEEL OVER – Plays just like Jenga. You simply try to remove a piece without knocking over the pile up. On each piece there are drinking instructions that you follow. Oh, and whoever makes the pile collapse has to chug a brew or two. Rules may vary depending on the region where you're playing the game. $21.98 @ Amazon.

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  1. hahahahahhahahhahahahaaa!!!! Damn your posts always make me laugh my ass off!

  2. I went to the grocery store the other day, and at the end cap with the chips, they sold red dixie cups on one strip and ping pong balls on another strip. Everything you need for a game of beer pong....


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